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Soul LBS

NPK / 0.5 - 40 - 30


Potassium Nitrate, Monopotassium Phosphate, Potassium Sulfate, Copper Sulfate, and Zinc Sulfate. Also includes beneficial bacteria Bacillus subtilis and a Sucrose microbe nutrient. Soul LBS. flower booster delivers targeted soluble nutrition to supercharge your blooms. A proprietary blend of key micronutrients combined with easy dissolving phosphorus and potassium to increase flowering and yield. A powerful ally for your root zone, Soul LBS. embodies our unique approach: supplementing biology with versatile organisms and supporting their growth with a sucrose sugar booster. In soil or soilless applications, Soul LBS. should be used with a balanced primary fertilizer program such as our Soul nutrients. Soul LBS. flower booster supplies easy dissolving phosphorus and potassium combined with a proprietary blend of key micronutrients to increase flower production and yield.


Soul LBS. is the first Soul dry product and it’s a game changer. As a fully soluble .5 – 40 - 30, it’s the highly concentrated and easily administered PK boost you would expect, but we incorporate a beneficial bacteria and sugar package and a finely tuned micronutrient package. This maximizes terpene profile and overall flower quality while seriously packing on the pounds. It’s not just a clever name!