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BAS Milled Barley

  1. Milled Malted Barley - This has already been crushed so it's ready for your sprouted seed tea right out of the bag.

Think of this like buying coffee, if you have a way to grind it it's best to do it fresh, other wise our milled malted barley is the way to go.

(You can still use your easy sprout for other seeds and for personal use.)

Useful Info

2018 Lab Test for Microbials

How To Use

This Organically grown Malted Barley has already been sprouted and the enzymes preserved. Then Crushed to make it easy for us to use in teas. 

You can effectively use this to make your own Enzyme Rich Sprouted Seed Tea without all of the hassle of sprouting the seeds yourself. Not only that, but these seeds have been scientifically sprouted to produce the most enzymes possible and the practices used are far superior to the home sprouter. 

Directions for use: (Note we are currently experimenting and will update with more info)

1. Topdress plants with 1/8 - 1/4 Cup per plant. 

2. Build Soil using this seed meal at 1/2 - 1 Cup Per Cubic Foot. 

3. Bubble a tea for 4 hours and water with immediately using 1/8th cup per gallon water.