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BAS White Dutch Clover Cover Crop 1/2 LB

Looking to companion plant cover crop? 

Would you like a single source of seed that is slow growing and establishes excellent cover? This cover crop is perfect for containers and we really are excited to offer it. 

This seed is sprouting quality and very clean, when you compare to the pricing of similar Organic Sprouting seed from the health food store you can quickly see the Value.

Dutch white clover is a slow-growing, nitrogen-fixing perennial. Once established, it provides long-term cover. It is often used in high traffic areas to minimize soil compaction and improve soil health. White clover tolerates wet conditions.

Cornell University Dutch White Clover Fact Sheet

How To Use:

Seeding rate:

  • Drill 5-9 lb/acre
  • Broadcast 7-14 lb/acre
  • After seeding, roll the ground to improve seed-to-soil contact, but do not crush soil aggregates.