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Vegamatrix Amp-It

Amp-It provides an array of micro-nutrients in ratios proven to stimulate growth. Rapidly growing plants and high yielding gardens need additional micro-nutrients to facilitate the uptake of the primary nutrients. The micro-nutrients in Amp-It work together to ensure plants can maintain a higher metabolism leading to higher rates of photosynthesis and larger crops.

Amp-It is a micro-nutrient supplement which contains all 21 of nature’s most essential building blocks, Amino Acids. Amino Acids are the building blocks of all life. Amp-Its’s amino acids are in the “L-form”, this is the easiest form for plants to digest. The amino acids in Amp-It help improve yields when the growing medium is less than optimal.

With Amp-It you will get increased protein production, plant metabolism and greater yields!

Vegamatrix Amp-It is designed for use with any substrate or growing media.

Amp-It is compatible with all nutrients.

Maintaining proper micro-nutrient levels lead to:

Increased vigor.

Enhanced photosynthesis and uptake of primary nutrients.

Maximize vegetative growth, fruiting and flowering.

Improved resistance to environmental stress.

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