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Containing a proprietary blend of beneficial plant growth-promoting rhizobacteria (PGPR), Unleash Root Inoculant works equally well in soil, soilless and hydroponic growing media promoting higher yields by:

  • Unlocking Nitrogen, Phosphorous, and Micronutrients
  • Increasing Nutrient Availability for healthier and stronger plants
  • Improving Resistance to Abiotic Stress

Nutrient Availability

Our root inoculant acts as a biostimulant, making nutrients available to plant roots in order to maximize your plant needs to maximize its growth potential. The Rhizosphere microbes in our solution are able to digest fertilizers, making it easier for nutrients to be absorbed through the plant’s roots and allowing the plant to focus its energy on growing. 

Prevents Root Burn

Root burn is a common problem for plants that requires a large amount of nutrients to obtain higher yields. Unleash microbes digest nitrogen, phosphorous, and micronutrient fertilizers  separating them from the attached salts that cause the root burn. Many farmers have noted that adding our root inoculant to their current nutrient program assists in the chemical conversion of nitrogen and other nutrients into the form most desired by the plant. This results in an easier uptake by the plant’s roots.

Eliminates Transplant Shock

A plant’s relationship with its local environment begins with the microbes that live on the roots and digest nutrients for the plant. When you transplant, this microbe colonization of the plant roots is severely disrupted and has to be rebuilt before the plant can efficiently obtain nutrients. With Unleash root inoculant’s microbes already present on the root system prior to transplant, your plants will be able to move into its new home prepared and ready to grow. Get rid of the hardships, inefficiencies, and lost growth time of transplanting with our root inoculant.

Promote Mycorrhizae Activity

Just like plants, mycorrhizae need help from rhizosphere microbes to get the nutrients they need to colonize and extend the plant root system. Our microbes maximize mycorrhizae growth and ensure that the plant has a healthy and protected rhizosphere.

Works with Fertilizers, Compost Tea, and Other Additives

Unleash root inoculant can be easily incorporated into your existing system with no complicated changes. In fact, our root inoculant works well with many other additives, and oftentimes enhances and improves the impact that your current additives have on your plant’s growth potential.

Works with Soil, Hydroponics, and Soilless Soil Media

Our root inoculant has been tested and shown to work with a large variety of grow systems. The solution’s microbes will colonize the plant roots and immediately begin protecting and providing nutrients to the plant regardless of the system used.