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Terp Gerp 12.5 oz Spray

Terp Gerp is a revolutionary foliar spray for flowering cannabis plants!


  • Derived from alfalfa, kelp, frass, and our proprietary compost extract base.
  • Naturally promote flower development using the power of plants!
  • Concentrated ready to spray formula only requires 2-3 seconds per 25 square feet of canopy.
  • Does not add excess moisture to flowers.
  • Gentle mist does not damage flowers.


Terp Gerp is a ready-to-use foliar spray using simply compressed air! It is super concentrated and sprays as a very fine mist so the can lasts for hundreds of applications. A light cloud of Terp Gerp settles over the canopy and acts on the flowering sites directly to stimulate action where the flowers are developing.

This revolutionary application method overcomes the two largest problems with spraying your flowers:
1) adding moisture to the flower that may cause mold, 2) bruising the delicate flower with the force of a sprayer.
Terp Gerp will not do either!

Our beta testers have already won some cups with this product and now
it is available for all to enjoy!


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Spray from two feet away with a light mist over the surface of the plant. Apply 2-3 times per week. Can be applied early and throughout flowering until 1 week before harvest. Spray can able to be held upside down or sideways.