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Telescopic Groove Brush for Flood Tables

It's not enough just to tip your flood tables over and let the water run out. Sometimes, even spraying them down with a hose can't get everything out from the grooves. You'll want to make sure your next flood table setup is as clean as possible for your next growing batch, so use Hydrofarm's telescopic groove brush to ensure it is fresh and sanitary.

The groove brush's adjustable telescopic handle lets you clean floor tables from a standing position, and the pivoting head means you won't have to move much to clean the entire table. The brush stands up to wet and tough conditions, with stiff nylon bevel-cut bristles remove dirt, grime, and residue.


  • Block length: 7.50 in
  • Block width: 1.00 in
  • Bristle trim: 1.75 in


Category: Hydrofarm

Type: Hydro Components

Vendor: Hydrofarm