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Stonington Blend Grower’s Mix ***

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Uses: Containers and large pots


Coast of Maine Organic Products Stonington Blend Grower’s Mix is a complex “super soil” designed for high performance container growing. It works well with tomatoes, and, where growing cannabis and medical marijuana is legal, growers have reported tremendous results. This soil incorporates mycorrhizal fungi, kelp, fish bone and alfalfa meal, as well as worm castings, peat, coir and lobster compost. When growing in 15 gallon containers,  there is no need for additional nutrients.

It is OMRI listed for use in organic gardens

Available in 1.5cf bags – enough to fill a 10 gallon pot.


Target pH 6.3

Healthy soil is the key to healthy plants

The key to successful growing is soil quality. Healthy soil that is rich in organic material means healthy, disease resistant plants that require less watering and feeding.

recycleOrganic material is naturally recycled plant and animal matter that has been allowed to decompose slowly and return to the soil. In a word, COMPOST! The finest compost-based soils and mulches combine decomposed marine and plant matter teeming with the naturally occurring micro-organisms all plants need for healthy growth.

Here at Coast of Maine we are proud of the quality of our composts. We start with carefully designed and tested recipes and the very best ingredients. Just as important, we pay close attention to detail throughout the composting process. That means frequent turning, sampling and testing and a lengthy aging and curing process.

Stonington Blend is a unique, compost-based potting soil designed for all your container gardening growing needs.

Remember, healthy soil is the key to growing healthy plants.

We use all natural ingredients

seaweedStonington Blend is a rich mixture of horticultural grade sphagnum peat, coco fiber (coir) lobster compost, composted dark bark, dehydrated hen manure, perlite, worm castings and a mixture of meals (kelp,  alfalfa, fish bone), mycorrhizae and dolomithic limestone to adjust pH.

Stonington Blend is carefully formulated from natural ingredients to provide an ideal balance between water retention, soil texture, drainage and aeration in a consistent growing medium.

lobsterThis unique container mix is named after the historic fishing village of Stonington, located on the south shore of Deer Isle in East Penobscot Bay. Settled in the 1760’s, Stonington is today Maine’s largest commercial fishing port and once home to an important granite quarrying industry.

Stonington Blend contains viable mycorrhizal propagules per cubic centimeter (cc) of the following organism:

Endo Mycorrhizae species:
Glomus intraradices              @ 00.07 spores/cc

Endomycorrhizal fungi colonize approximately 80% of the world’s plant species, including most vegetables, fruit trees and shrubs, flowering plants, grasses, legumes and many more. For more information about mycorrhizae visit:

Storage: Store this bag in a cool, dry, shaded place, avoiding direct sunlight.

Follow these few simple steps

Getting Ready
How much Stonington Blend Platinum Grower’s Mix will you need?

potsThis 1.5 cubic foot bag will fill

  • (36) 1 quart (6″) pots
  • (9) 1 gallon (8″) pots
  • (3) 3 gallon (10″) pots
  • (1) 10 gallon (20″) pot

The above are approximations, as the actual amount of Platinum Grower’s Mix needed will de-pend on the size of your plant’s root ball.

Make sure your selected pot(s) have drainage holes.

If you are combining different plants, make sure they are good companions (i.e. they like similar amounts of sun or shade and moisture conditions).


  • plantingFill your container with potting soil and tamp down lightly to reduce total volume.
  • Scoop out a hole in the soil for each plant deep enough so the top of the root ball will end up  about 1” below the edge of the container.
  • Remove the plants from their nursery pots and  place in the holes.
  • Add more potting soil until it is level all around  your plants.
  • Tamp everything down again gently with the flat of your palms.
  • Water carefully to avoid disturbing the top layer  of soil.
  • Repeat watering several times until water drains from the bottom of the container.


Container plants need to be regularly watered and occasionally fed. For best results, water only when the soil is slightly dry to the touch. Because Stonington Blend is naturally dark in color, it may be hard to tell just by sight. Feed regularly with an organic plant food.

Organic certification

organicburstStonington Blend meets the organic production standards of the Maine Organic Farmers & Gardeners Association (MOFGA) and is permitted for use in the production of MOFGA certified organic crops. It is also meets the organic production standards of the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) and is OMRI listed for organic production. Download the OMRI certification here.

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