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SNS 244 Fungicide RTU, gal


Benefits of using out Natural Fungicide RTU

  • Kills fungal spores & nurtures the plant’s ability to fight & prevent diseases
  • EPA Exempt FIFRA 25(b)
  • Can be used up to harvest (0-Day REI)
  • Safe around children & pets when used as directed
  • Safe for use with beneficial bugs

How our Natural Fungicide works to fight & prevent disease

  • 244 fungal control is absorbed systemically by the plant, suppressing the life cycle of the fungal spores nurturing a plant’s ability to fight & prevent disease. Disease-causing fungi get inside the plant either by making a hole in its skin (epidermis), or by growing in through the plant’s breathing holes (stomata). Then they either poison and kill the plant cells before absorbing food from them or simply steal nutrients from the living cells. Some fungi live in the soil and enter roots. They can either block the water-conducting cells or kill them, causing the plant to wilt. In many cases the plant is seriously damaged or may even die.
  • 244 is made up of 100% pure thyme botanical extracts highly water soluble. We process raw certified organic botanicals and herbs in-house, ensuring oils and terpenes have a consistent potency across all of our products. The botanical extracts are all food grade GRAS (generally recognized as safe) materials, that are fully biodegradable, and not toxic to animals. It is exempt from EPA registration under minimum risk pesticide exempted under FIFRA section 25(b). It can be used on a wide variety of plants, fruits, and vegetables.

Types of disease our Natural Fungicide gets rid of

  • 244 kills Fusarium, Leaf Rust, Mildew, Black Mold and more.

Where to use our Natural Fungicide 

  • Home & Gardens
  • Hydroponics
  • Greenhouse

Mixing Compatibility

  • Mix 244 with 217

How to use our Natural Fungicide 

  • Foliar Spray: Spray every 2-3 days until the problem is under control. Thoroughly wet all infested areas. Spray at night or when lights are off if possible.