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Smokus Focus Comet

Smokus Focus brings you The Comet–the coolest, most affordable airtight stash jar you’ve always been waiting for. High quality magnification and brilliant LED lighting allows for dispensaries to showcase their strains, retailers to feature their Seed to Sale growers, and all flower-lovers alike to store their goods with Smokus Focus’ most affordable jar to date!

For an incredibly low cost, this airtight and childproof stash jar can store up to one quarter of a flower, while the interchangeable batteries allow for up to three hours of LED lighting.

Not only is the Comet extremely versatile, but it’s low cost makes it ideal for bulk ordering and packaging! The Comet’s side walls allow for ideal sticker placement for those looking to exhibit strain information or company branding. With the ability to customize, along with an extremely affordable price, the Comet is the perfect stash jar to elevate your game.

For those who cannot figure out how to open the childproof lid, we cannot help you–just keep trying your best.

Weight 1.6 oz
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 3 in

Black, White


Category: Smokus Focus

Type: Food Storage

Vendor: Smokus Focus