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Roots Organics Greenlite ***

INGREDIENTS***Prices on media and other products are subject to change, please contact our store location for an exact quote***
Perlite, Peat Moss, Composted Forest Material, Coco Fiber, Pumice, Worm Castings, Bat Guano, Soybean Meal, Fishbone Meal, Fish Meal, and Kelp Meal
. Also contains beneficial mycorrhizal fungi: Funneliformis mosseae, Rhizophagus intraradices, Septoglomus desertícola to enhance uptake of plant nutrients, increase root biomass, and help container grown plants resist stress

Roots Organics Green Lite growing mix was created as an aggressively free-draining indoor and outdoor potting mix. Green Lite is designed with more perlite and pumice to give you enhanced drainage and greater oxygen in the root zone, and with specific ingredients for versatile container gardening. This mix has been extensively tested; you'll see the results when you use this excellent, highly porous blend in your garden. Roots Organics Green Lite is calculated to give you control and accelerate your garden for vigorous plants and root systems.

Our Roots Organics soil bags double as pots – just cut the top off, drop the plant in, and you’re ready to go.


Similar to the Original Potting Soil but with 25% more perlite. Very airy, drains fast. Begin feeding sooner than with Original Potting Soil. For fast growing, heavy feeding plants, begin feeding within the first week of transplanting. Great middle ground between the soilless and the soil. This is great for folks who've been making their own mixes and then adding a bunch of perlite. We've done the work for you.


Place Green Lite growing mix directly in a container with drainage holes. Place enough Green Lite growing mix in the pot to allow the top of the plant's root ball to be about two inches below the rim of the pot. Add more soil, firming with hands to fill within one inch of rim. Insert support if necessary. Water transplants thoroughly, using a light fertilizer solution if desired. When plants are moved from one stage to another, such as from cuttings to pots or when transplanting one size up, reduce fertilizing until they show signs of growth again.

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