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PVP Industries Perlite (Course)

Perl-Lome Expanded Perlite is made from expanded volcanic rock and doesn't degrade over time. Perlite serves as a good growing medium for plants in containers and it helps to loosen heavy soils and improve outdoor gardens.

What is Perlite?

Perlite is a pure naturally occurring volcanic glass. We take Perlite in its raw glass form and heat it so the moisture inside the glass evaporates and creates tiny bubbles. This heating process expands the raw Perlite glass up to 20 times its original volume. Many compare this process to that of popping corn kernels. When corn is in its raw kernel state and then heated, the kernel expands (or pops), turns white and is extremely light weight.

Does Perlite contain asbestos?

No. The Perlite Institute has undertaken a project to collect available data both on Perlite ore and expanded perlite products. This report summarizes the results of the findings. The data is based upon perlite products mined and processed at various locations throughout the World. To date, there is no evidence that Perlite contains asbestos either from contamination or as a secondary component.

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