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OptiVeg - Chitin and Aminos

OptiVeg™, formerly InvigaRoot, is the markets first truly tested chitin product. As an all natural and organic soil amendment, chitin has an array of benefits such as reducing the effects of light and transplant shock, preventing the growth of detrimental soil bacteria, improving plant vigor and resistance, increasing root growth and fungal inoculation all the while increasing yields down the line. Since chitin is present in the cuticle of all funghi, incorporating a chitin based product in conjunction with your favorite fungal inoculant speeds up the inoculation process allowing you to use less product and reduce costs. Unlike all other chitin based products, OptiVeg™ is not derived from marine sources and thus does not include detrimental minerals that affect nutrient uptake, soil pH and overall plant health. In addition to chitin,OptiVeg™ is chock full of amino acids which make up roughly 60% of the overall composition. 

Titan Biologics worked tirelessly to develop a testing protocol which ensures a stable and consistent chitin content. OptiVeg™ is not salt based and contains no synthetic components therein reducing the risk of feeding too much. At 8.2% chitin,OptiVeg™ is a must use product for any growers who wish to speed up the vegetative process while yielding healthier, more robust plants with improved resistance and potential for higher yields.