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North Spore Sterilized Grain Bags with Injection Ports

These bags are ideal for making your own master grain spawn. Each bag contains 3lbs of a sterilized and hydrated proprietary organic grain blend. Each bag has a self-healing injection port for use with liquid culture or a spore syringe.

Please allow your sterilized grain bag to sit for 1-2 weeks upon arrival to be sure product was not compromised during transit. Sterilized grain bags can be stored for several months at room temperature before inoculation.

Once inoculated, allow your bag to colonize in a cool location out of direct sunlight. Temperature for incubation shouldn't exceed 75 degrees F or dip below 55 degrees. After a couple weeks or so you should start to see mycelium growing on the grain.

Rob Verified Buyer
United States United States


Awesome customer service, fast delivery, great products.


United States United States


My experience was great. Fast, easy shipping. As well as a series of alerts on whereabouts the package was. Overall was super easy, and high quality product


Rick B.
United States United States

Very Satisfied With the Results

I had massive grows from these guys last go around, very excited for this next round. The bags are huge, I mean so terrifically big. And the results mycelia growth was amazing. Ordering another this week.


Brandon  Verified Buyer
United States United States

Great Results

This grain bag worked extremely well, and the process was so simple and fast. Worth the expense!

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