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Mountain Gate Organics Earthworm Castings

We at Mountain Gate Organics are a small family owned business located in Rockingham, VA. We specialize in the making of organic fertilizer derived from earthworm castings. Our earthworms are fed an organic plant based diet to ensure pathogens are not transmitted from the host to the plants. We have a system that applies strong manufacturing principles to ensure both quality and consistency. Due to our production techniques and harvesting methods, we can provide pure organic fertilizer with no impurities such as undigested bedding materials, stones, straw and worm eggs. Our multi-screening process eliminates eggs without the need for heat or other sterilization process, which can kill beneficial bacterial and microbes. 

Worm Castings are rich in micro-organisms which add nutrients to your soil and in return promotes:

  • vigorous plant growth
  • vibrant color
  • increases crop yield
  • improves drainage
  • increases water retention up to 50%
  • the ability to ward off pests, fungus and disease

Earthworm castings provide performance above and beyond that of conventional fertilization methods for all plants. At the same time, it is completely safe for all plants, pets, and people in any concentration.


Research shows that compared to soil itself, worm casting fertilizer is higher in organic matter and total nitrogen, exchangeable calcium and magnesium, available phosphorus, potassium and micro nutrients. In other words, this organic fertilizer is a safe and odorless means to condition your soil and an organic and natural way to provide your plants with the correct nutrients they need to thrive. Scientist have shown that worm castings work extremely well in promoting lush plant growth and increase nutritional values. It just goes to show that Mother Nature knows best.