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Hydrofarm Watering Can 9L

Watering cans and gardners go hand-in-handle, so make sure you're outfitted with the right stuff. Hydrofarm's watering can gives you a hefty canister for your water -- no running to refill every five seconds. The light green color won't take away from your bloom bursts, even if you store the can outside. Markings are etched right into the watering can, so you won't have to guess, leading to dangerous overwatering situations. You can even customize the water flow with the can's detachable rose.


  • Durable plastic construction won't dent
  • 9 liter capacity
  • Easy to read U.S. and metric markings
  • Detachable rose for finer spray


Category: Hydrofarm

Type: Nutrients & Supplements

Vendor: Hydrofarm