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Golden Tree 1 L

Golden Tree Make Things Simple. Period.
The All-In-One Nutrient Additive Golden Tree is proven to increase root strength by 60%
Golden Tree is the signature product of Humboldts Secrets, a company dedicated to manufacturing the best Hydro nutrient in the world that guarantees much faster and vibrant plant growth in the shortest span of time the easiest way possible. No more complicated charts with a dozen products to use.

Golden Tree Nutrient Formulation
After 20 years of successfully growing plants, a group of old school Humboldt growers decided to partner with scientists to commercialize their secret for healthy plants and the outcome was The All-In-One Nutrient Additive Golden Tree
A secret formula that can be used in Hydroponics, Aeroponics, Deep Water Culture, and Soil.
Golden Tree replaces hundreds of products on the market, simplifies things for growers, and saves growers money and headache. Results will be noticed immediately (within 48-72 hours). When you're convinced that this stuff really does work better than anything you've ever tried, and it's so much easier to use ONE supplement than using all the bottles you do now, come back and purchase a larger container.

Golden Tree stimulates and enhances the development and growth in plants by enhancing nitrogen assimilation and basal metabolism.
Enhances photosynthesis and cell division while also increasing protection against fungal, bacterial, and viral infections in plants by accumulating several phenylpropanoid compounds (PPCs) with antimicrobial activity.
Induces an increase in the level of essential oil and cellulose content.
Enhances pathogen defense
Accelerates root and plant growth
Improves the health and strength of plants
Fruits become fuller
Increases oil production
Practically all aspects of the plant are enhanced by the combination of organic compounds present in Golden Tree.