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Flying Skull Nuke'em

Nuke em can be used ON the day of harvest or even after harvest. See the video of Nuke em increasing the shelf life of strawberries, (applied after harvest).

Other insecticides, fungicides and plant washes use brain and body nerve poisons, detergents, chemical surfactants, soaps, petroleum or plant oil in their formulas that leave smelly, bad tasting and sticky residue on produce. Ultimately these ingredients will reduce the sales, desired flavor and smell of the gardener’s produce.

Anyone using Flying Skull’s Nuke em will immediately see a complete control of plant parasites and Powdery Mildew. At the same time, they will notice that Nuke em is easy to use, safe to spray, doesn’t smell bad, and did not reduce the value of the produce!

Nuke em is a multi-purpose product. It replaces many expensive single target pesticides, fungicides and yeasticide. This makes it very affordable. It can be used to kill hiding insects and mold on walls, floors and other gardening surfaces.

Nuke em’s highly concentrated formula must be diluted before spraying onto plants or garden surfaces. Read and follow all label cautions and directions. Nuke em has been in the lab for over 10 years prior its release.

8 fl. oz. concentrate makes up to 2 gallons of ready to use spray.
32 fl. oz. concentrate makes up to 8 gallons of ready to use spray.
1 Gallon concentrate makes up to 32 gallons of ready to use spray.

Nuke em is not registered with the US Federal Environmental Protection Agency. Its formula qualifies for exemption under FIFRA section 25 (b) as a minimum risk pesticide.