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Dissolved Oxygen Meter

Entry level, inexpensive Dissolved Oxygen Portable Meter for fast and reliable results.

The MISM600 is a compact Portable Dissolved Oxygen meter with Faster Micro Processor. This handy and ergonomically designed portable meter is ideal for anyone working on alow budget and still requires fast and reliable measure-ments. This portable meter measures Dissolved Oxygen with a Polarographic probe and is suitable for a wide rangeof applications, such as Educational and Aquaculture, as well as water and environmental analysis.

The MISM600 calibrates easily in 2 points (at 100% saturated air and in 0 Oxygen solution) and has Automatic Temperature Compensation which guarantees the highest accuracy.

Other features include smaller, ergonomic and lighter case design, 100% larger and easier to read LED Display, low battery warning, easy to replace screw on cap membranes andlong battery life.

MISM600 is supplied complete with a MA840 D.O. polarographic probe with 3m cable, calibration screwdriver, two spare membranes, MA9071s (30mL) electrolyte solution, battery, and instructions.

• Manual calibration
• Faster Processor with The New Chipset and Motherboard
• 100% Larger & Easier To Read LED Display
• Smaller, Ergonomic & Lighter Case Design
• Easier & Faster To Calibrate
• Longer Battery Life
• Open Air Calibration Procedure




Category: Milwaukee Instruments

Type: Meters & Solutions

Vendor: Milwaukee Instruments