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BuildASoil Horticultural Aloe

Aloe has Salicylic acid. Salicylic acid is involved in local and systemic plant defense responses against pathogens. It plays a role during stresses such as drought, chilling, heavy metal toxicity, heat, and osmotic stress. SA can volatilize and warn neighboring plants of attack. SA is also used as a rooting hormone for seedlings and clones. 

Key Points

  1. Protecting all trees and plants from insects, mold, yeasts, as well as bacterial and viral pathogens.
  2. The Lignin's in Aloe Vera allow the plants to utilize the nutrient and moisture supply more efficiently with less stress on the plant. 
  3. Plants grow healthier, larger and greener due to the plants ability to better use the UV rays from the sun allowing photosynthesis to take place more efficiently. 
  4. Does not alter the genetic makeup of the plant
  5. Repels pests and does not kill bees and beneficial insects.
  6. Organically grown product.