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Our flush systems allow you to flush your plants, a necessary process for those adding nutrients into their system. Flushing removes excess nutrients and debris from from your supply line. You can also use a flush system to add thick nutrients and teas without clogging your Blumat sensors. Our flush valve has 4 settings: all closed, all open, one direction open, and the opposite direction open.

This Kit Includes:

  • 1 4-way adapter with on-off valve
  • 1 male quick-connect 3mm fitting
  • 1 male quick-connect 8mm fitting
  • 1 female quick-connect 8mm fitting
  • 1 foot of 1/4" Superflex tubing
  • 1 foot of 8mm Superflex tubing
  • 1 Blumat tee
  • 1 dripper stake (1/4")

Blumats won't allow water to flow until your potting soil dries up, which means the supply line gets flushed, not your soil. When adding tick nutrient or tea, simply turn the Blumat side off, letting the mix flow solely through the flush stake. When cleaning your lines, simply leave both sides open. This system includes everything except for a Blumat sensor: a valve, adapter fittings, tubing, and drip stake.

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Type: Garden Accessories

Vendor: Blumat