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Blumat Digital Moisture Meter


  • SIMPLE/USER-FRIENDLY - Know precise quantities of moisture in your soil at the push of a button!
  • CALIBRATE YOUR IRRIGATION SYSTEM - Perfectly dial in your drip system or garden watering system!
  • TENSIOMETER - Using Blumat technology you love, this dramatically out-performs cheap competitors!
  • HIGHLY ACCURATE - Stop guessing if plants need water, and consistently deliver the perfect amount!
  • ELIMINATE DRY ROOTS AND DEAD PLANTS - Never have an under- or over-watered plant again!


Use the Blumat Digital Soil Monitor as a super accurate way to know the moisture level near your roots or in your garden compost pile. Often the soil you can feel near the surface is moist while the soil near the roots is dry - or the reverse: dry at the surface and over-watered at the roots. Seasonal differences can cause these conditions to reverse rapidly. With this blumat Digital Sensor, you don't have to guess! You'll know if your plants need water or not, and exactly how much. You'll be wondering how you got without it! It is ideal for dialing in your Blumat or other garden irrigation system. Keeping your soil at the ideal moisture level keeps microbes and other microorganism populations happy!

*DO NOT* get the digital display wet. Keep the digital head void of moisture for best results and longevity of the meter.


Instructions for Use AND Resetting:

  • Soak bottom green portion and ceramic carrot in water for at least 15 minutes.
  • Fill carrot with water and attach to digital display head.
  • Hold "On" button for several seconds until "000" or "---" is displayed.
  • Insert bottom portion of meter into soil/growing media and wait 45 minutes.
  • Press "On" button until a reading is displayed.


Interpreting the Reading:

  • A display of 0 millibars is equivalent to the meter in a standing cup of water. A display of 750 millibars is equivalent to soil completely void of moisture.
  • For high-value crops like hemp, a reading of 100 millibars for vegetative stage and 120-150 millibars for flowering stage is ideal. These numbers may vary dependent on variety.

Comes in clear tube with precise instructions and number readings that apply for different seasons and different kinds of plants.

It works in a similar way to the Tropf-Blumat but it does not control watering. It measures the levels of moisture and/ or dryness. It operates using the tensiometer principle and indicates the amount of force necessary for a plant to absorb water.

This method of measurement allows for very accurate recognition of the level of moisture near the roots and therefore, a more exact application of water - whether by hand in large container plantings. For example, when over- wintering plants, it's very important to keep a moderate moisture level - sometimes harder than watching for this during the growing season. And of course in the summer for monitoring and adjusting your watering schedules. Knowing the moisture level in large containers is no longer a matter guesswork and experience, but rather of concrete numerical data.

The lower the number readings, the more wet the soil. On average, the standard Blumat setting of two arrows down from a drop holding = 120 mb. (Ideal settings for cannabis growing = 120-150 mb in veg, 150-180 in bloom). The higher the reading, the more dry.


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