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Blumat Bonsai Carrot


  • BONSAI DESIGNED - Blumat technology moisture sensors and automatic irrigation specific to Bonsai!
  • AUTOMATICALLY WATER - No green thumb necessary! These will keep your bonsais happy when you're away!
  • HAPPY ROOTS - Avoid roots dying from being too dry & keep root rot away with this bonsai tree kit!
  • NO WORRIES - Relieve your watering anxieties with the ultimate bonsai tools!
  • MESS FREE - Avoid messes with the bonsai blumat watering system, never submerge your bonsai again!


Bonsai need special attention. Blumats provide that, but the regular ones are too large for most Bonsai containers. This blumat designed specifically for bonsai solves that problem! It can save an immense amount of watering time because this can automatically water the bonsai without needing to submerge it. In very dry areas like here in Colorado, it helps Bonsai survive those very dry days when their owners may be distracted or gone and not paying as much attention as they should.

Drip irrigation kit(s) are too inflexible and stubborn to rely on to water your precious bonsai trees and plants. Setting up a blumat bonsai kit can be powerless, free of timers, and otherwise setup off-grid. Keep your plants happy while you're at work, on vacation, or otherwise away!

These blumats for bonsai will keep your plants happy for up to months at a time, depending on the size of your reservoir. Never water your plants again, and watch them thrive! You'll have more time to focus on the more important and more fun aspects of bonsai gardening, like shaping your plants etc.

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