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Blumat Red 8mm Super-Flex Tubing • 25 Foot Roll

  • SUPERIOR FLEXIBILITY - Elbows etc. not required due to malleability- turn hard corners easy!
  • HIGH QUALITY - Durable silicone tubing endures in harsh indoor/outdoor garden environments!
  • EASY CONNECTIONS - Simply push over an 8mm barb - no strength/tricky mechanisms required!
  • BLUMAT-READY - Integrate blumat systems and super-flex with nothing more than a pair of scissors!
  • ALMOST KINK-PROOF - Incredible material is practically impossible to kink - Re-use again and again!


This 8mm Super-Flex Tubing is the highest quality tubing we could find for blumat carrots and blumat watering systems. It is extruded from the highest quality silicone we could source. The material has a hardness rating of 60 Shore A and is heat-stabilized to withstand up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, or 230 Celsius.

This tubing cannot be stained, is re-usable, and is basically the Rambo of water-supply tubing! It can endure highs and lows of temperatures as well as varying pressures, can endure high-UV environs (we have tested it for years in high-altitude mountains of Colorado), and you'd really need to make a conscious effort to kink or otherwise crease this tubing.

This tubing will readily integrate to any Tropf Blumats or 8mm Blumat Fittings, including the 8mm Through-Hull Bulkhead and Tank connector. That means you really just need a bulkhead or two, some of this tubing, and a blumat to automatically water your plants! This super-flex tubing is one of the simplest ways to start a blumat watering system.

This can be used as supply tubing to connect reservoirs, supply blumat watering stakes, or otherwise connect blumat systems. Don't count on sourcing rare 8mm tubing from your local hardware store!