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Blacksmith BioScience Nitryx Nitrogen Fixing Bacteria 4 oz (12/Cs)

Nitryx is a high concentration of proprietary beneficial bacteria on a 100% water soluble powder. This powerful new product effectively fixates nitrogen from the atmospher and transfer it to the plan, thereby making fertilizer use much more efficient. In fact, when used in combination with fertilizers, researchers have seen Nitryx reduce the need for traditional chemical fertilizers.

Nitryx SP Fast Facts

Features & Benefits

  • Fixates atmospheric nitrogen into a form usable by plants
  • Reduces nitrogen needed while increases yield
  • Enhances fertilizer applications
  • Makes plants more resilient to adverse environmental conditions
  • For foliar spray, soil application or seed treatment
  • 0 Day PHI, O REI
  • Not phytotoxic and no residue
  • 100% water soluble - no clogging
  • Multiple modes of action

For Use On:

  • Fruits & Fruiting Vegetables 
  • Tree Fruit & Nuts 
  • Turf & Ornamentals
  • Herbs & Spices
  • Cotton, Rice,  Soy, Wheat, Corn 
  • & More

OMRI Certification