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B.C. Grow

The B.C Hydroponic Nutrients are a power-packed trio for nurturing
generous vegetative crops and extraordinary floral growth. B.C Boost,
B.C Bloom and B.C Grow are complete, professionally formulated, highly
concentrated fertilizing agents. Unlike other brands, which include
micronutrients in only one part of the formula, both B.C Grow and
B.C Bloom contain a full complement of micronutrients, which are
bolstered by the added calcium and iron in B.C Boost.
B.C Hydroponic Nutrients bring a balance of nutrients in proper form,
assuring matchless growth and maximum yield. As well, minimal pH
drift is assured, eliminating the need for constant adjustments. Growers can also greatly reduce cleaning time and expenditure, as Technaflora's
B.C Hydroponic Nutrients allow only minimal salt build-up. This
remarkable three-part fertilizer is easy to mix and control, with simple to follow mixing instructions printed on every label.
With B.C Hydroponic Nutrients there are no secrets and no guesswork is
required to achieve exceptional hydroponic harvests.