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Active Aqua Premium Reservoir, White


  • Stronger corners and thicker all around than most other brands
  • Slightly concave sides to improve strength and avoid bowing
  • Low profile to fit under flood tables and other hydroponic systems
  • Multi-level drill access points for automated drainage, float valves, or other improvements
  • Inside gradation to verify water level
  • Great value at an affordable price

The Active Aqua line of flood tables, reservoirs, and covers offers features that rival the competition at value prices, including:

  • True, full-size dimensions and volume to provide maximum growing area
  • Made from durable, high-impact ABS plastic with UV resistance for longevity
  • Stronger corners and thicker walls than any others in their class


  • 20 GALLON PREMIUM WHITE RESERVOIR 31.50" x 24.50" x 11"
  • 40 GALLON PREMIUM WHITE RESERVOIR 38.50”x 33.50" x 12"
  • 70 GALLON PREMIUM WHITE RESERVOIR 55.25" x 38.25" x 12"
  • 115 GALLON PREMIUM WHITE RESERVOIR 52.75”x 47.25" x 15"


Category: Active Aqua

Type: Hydro Components

Vendor: Active Aqua