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Farmer Freeman EZ-XY Plant DNA Sex Testing Kits

EZ-XY will tell you the sex of your plant within days of sprouting. Gone are the days of feminized seeds, clone-only growing, and waiting for pre-flowers. Farmer Freeman has a fully equipped DNA lab for analysis of plant tissues and genetics. Let us help fine tune your results-and your bottom line. 

Whether you're growing one plant or thousands, Farmer Freeman's proprietary DNA analysis service will optimize the efficiency of your grow and bring huge savings. EZ-XY analysis service is offered for home growers as well as commercial cultivators. Our DNA analysis can test plants as young as a week old which helps growers achieve maximum potential through DNA detection of male plants long before their maturation period. Using our custom built online database means tracking results is easy, organized, and discreet.


What is considered a good sample?
Samples should be 1/2 to 1 inch of a healthy leaf. We accept samples as early as 7-10 days as well as cotyledons. Please do not include more than the requested amount of the sample (i.e. do not send a whole leaf). Leaf samples should be dry, free of dirt, and taken before any foliar sprays have been applied. Please also remove the seed caps.

Can I send in a whole leaf?
You do not need to include more than the requested amount. Samples should be 1/2 to 1 inch. Whole leaves tend to take longer to dry and therefore may cause a delay in your results.

How should I seal the samples in the envelopes?
Please do not use water, glue, tape or any other materials to seal the envelopes. The green dot sticker should be sufficient. Sample envelopes should also not be wrapped in plastic bags as they are designed to dry the sample, preventing rot and protecting the DNA for analysis.

What should I do if my samples are sprayed?
Regardless of the source, chemical contamination on the leaves may negatively affect the test. To remedy this, we will typically run an alternative method that offers the same accuracy results, but takes a few extra days to process. Please clearly indicate on the sample envelopes or with a note in the package that the samples have been sprayed. You may also try collecting the leaf tip samples from new growth areas that have not been sprayed.

Do I have to use all the test kits when I order them?
Samples do not need to be returned all at once. You may return samples and receive results in any increment you would like.

When can I get my results?
Allow 1-2 business days for testing after your samples have been received by the lab. Results will be emailed to the address used to place the order.

What does it mean when my results say 'UNDER ANALYSIS'?
Samples marked "UNDER ANALYSIS" should be ready in the next one or two business days. If samples were sprayed with any kind of foliar nutrient or additive, it may cause issues with the results.

Do you test for Hermies?
Unfortunately the tests do not directly tell you if your samples are hermies. We have found that both male and female plants display hermie issues later during their growth cycles. That being said, knowing what to expect from your plants (e.g. 10 males, 10 females) will help you notice if things are looking off sooner than later.

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