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Defender PM 16oz (20/cs) *Discontinued *In-Stock

Defender PM is a citrus oil based foliar fungicide made to kill powdery mildew spores on contact. It is made with food grade ingredients and will not persist on plant leaves. Defender PM is not a systemic fungicide; it works on contact to smother Erysiphales spores - the order of fungy that cause powdery mildew. Use this botanical oil product in all growing methods and on any food crop. It is effective for both preventative treatements and to suppress current fungal infestations.

To develop an IPM (integrated pest management) program, alternate treatments of Defender PM with treatments of Insect Annihilator

Suggestes Uses: Use to kill powdery mildew on contact and to provide plants with antioxidants and vitamins. Can be used in all growing methods and on all food crops.

Application Rates:

  • Heavy Fungus Issues - 200 ml per gallon
  • Moderate Fungus Issues - 150 ml per gallon
  • Minor Fungus Issues - 120 ml per gallon
  • Preventative Treatments/ Cloning - 100 ml per gallon

This Product Controls These Pests or Diseases: Powdery mildew diseases caused by Erysiphales fungi.