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Blacksmith BioScience Tenet WP Biofungicide 16 oz / 1 lb (12/Cs)

New Standard for Soil Disease Control
TENET WP is a second-generation biorational fungicide with a proven Trichoderma fungi used in the management of soil-borne diseases which include Fusarium spp., Phytophtora spp.,Pythium spp., Sclerotinia spp., Sclerotium rolfsii, Thielaviopsis basicola, Verticillium spp., as well as Armillaria sp and Rosellinia sp. These soil-borne root and collar rot diseases affect a wide range of vegetable, fruit, row, and ornamental crops.

Tenet WP Fast Facts

Features and Benefits

  • Increased application timing window
  • Active across varying environmental conditions
  • OMRI-Listed
  • No limitations on exports
  • Fits both conventional and organic production
  • Excellent IPM partner

Flexible application

  • Compatible with some traditional fungicides
  • Can be applied through conventional spray equipment and irrigation
  • Can be applied several times from greenhouse to field
  • Can be mixed with fertilizers for application to direct-seeded crops
  • Can be applied through irrigation equipment

Active ingredients 

Active ingredient strains selected for high activity against fungi responsible for soil-borne diseases

  • Outstanding disease control
  • Active across a broad range of crops

Versatile Uses 

TENET WP can be used on most greenhouse and field grown crops, including fruiting vegetables, leafy vegetables and cucurbits. TENET WP is an effective management tool in reducing the stress of disease infections associated with many soil-borne pathogens. TENET WP aggressively colonizes the crop roots and surrounding soil. It acts as a protectant, forming a barrier that is antagonistic to disease infection. 
TENET WP also attacks the pathogen cell walls with enzymes more actively inhibiting disease infection.

OMRI Certification 

Collections: Plant Care

Category: Blacksmith

Type: Pesticide

Vendor: Blacksmith BioScience