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Capital City Organic Mambo Soil - 1 cu/ft bag

Mambo Soil

Capital City Organic's first and very own super soil! A truly stellar super soil consisting of only top shelf ingredients. Mambo soil is designed to provide everything your cannabis plant needs, when it needs it.  Made in small batches, our proprietary blend starts of with a base of premier peat moss & pumice, Bu's Blend Malibu compost, Mother Earth's Bio Char, and earth worm castings harvested locally by our friends from Mountain Gate Organics in Rockingham, Virgina. This complex soil made for high performance container grows also incorporates mycorrihzae fungi by Great White, Kelp, Crab, Oyster Shell, Neem, and Alfalfa meal from Down To Earth. Complimenting ingredients include Thrive Nitrogen, milled barley, rice hulls, basalt, gypsum, and beauveria bassiana from Build-A-Soil.

Blended with the correct proportions Mambo Soil mimics the root conditions that allow cannabis plants to thrive as how they are grown in nature.

Perfect for the first time grower or those starting out on a budget, Mambo Soil makes it easy for beginners to come out with a fruitful harvest as their is less need to worry about maintaining PH and zero need to buy nutrients. Just add water!


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