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Genesis 400 Watt MH Metal Halide Bulb

Genesis Bulbs are designed for use in high frequency digital ballasts and are engineered to withstand the increased demand required from pairing a high intensity lamp with a ballast incorporating an overclocking feature. Genesis Bulbs have been tuned for the proper CRI (color rendering index) when overclocked to 10% their stated wattage.

Genesis Bulbs are engineered to reduce the total harmonic distortion while in operation with most name brand ballasts on the market today. This improvement leads to longer life of the arc tube and slower depreciation of PAR output.

The Genesis Metal Halide

  • Designed and engineered for horticulture
  • Deliver 22% more energy in the blue and red enhanced ARC spectrum.
  • We did this to maximize the PAR light spectrum plants utilize for essential oil production and
  • plant growth (increasing the spectrum in the infrared and ultraviolet wavelengths).
  • Genesis Bulbs can be mounted in vertical and horizontal lighting fixtures.
  • Provide 17% more total spectral energy over leading competitor brands which increases your plant responses, providing more vigorous growth during the vegetative stages.
  • Spectral enhancements deliver a thicker stem and cell wall, as well as less plant stretching and smaller internodal spacing.
  • Increased total PAR output displays stronger intrinsic genetic attributes.
  • Pulse Start Technology used in all Genesis Bulbs.


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