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Soil pH Probe

Handy for direct pH testing of soils or pH soil solutions.

The non-refillable Bluelab Soil pH Probe is used to measure the pH levels of soil or media of cropping, pasture, containerised plants, home gardens, propagation culture... anywhere that the soils' pH requires testing.

The Bluelab Soil pH Probe can be connected to the Bluelab pH Meter and Bluelab Combo Meter.

 -  Waterproof cable joint
 -  Single junction
 -  Tough plastic barrel
 -  Gel-filled (non-refillable) 

 -  Dibber / auger supplied
 -  2 meter standard cablE

Collections: pH/EC Maintenance

Category: Bluelab

Type: Meters & Solutions

Vendor: Bluelab