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Mother Earth Coco 50 Liter 1.5 cu ft (67/Plt)

Mother Earth® Coco substrate contains the highest quality mix of coco pith and coco fiber. Coco is one of nature’s finest growing mediums produced from a renewable resource, coconut husk, which does not contain a smell and is uniform in composition. Unlike other media, coco will not shrink or crack, yet it maintains the nature of a traditional soil, while allowing the grower to feed and water more frequently. Coco has unique properties such as a high cation exchange and lignin content, which aid in healthy beneficial bacteria, mycorrhizae and trichoderma populations. Coco also has a perfect balance of air to water ratio which will allow for level drainage and oxygenation of the plant’s root structures which optimizes nutrient and water absorption by the plant.

Mother Earth® Coco is RHP certified and free from chemical additives, viruses and diseases. Mother Earth® Coco is buffered using a unique process of rinsing with calcium before bagging to provide minimal sodium content, balancing the naturally occurring potassium and ultimately aiding in the prevention of nutrient lockout. pH adjusted to a neutral 6.3-6.8, Mother Earth® Coco will promote strong root growth, populate microbial activity, discourage disease and insect outbreak, and will release nutrients evenly so that overall plant health and fruit production can be maximized.

Mother Earth® Coco is great as a standalone growing substrate, or you can mix with other medias such as potting soil, planting mix, or rockwool to enhance the growing environment. For an optimal hydroponic media, combine Mother Earth® Coco with Mother Earth® Hydroton™ for increased production.

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