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Humboldt Structural Integrity, qt

Silicate is one important element most soils lack. Using Potassium Silicate for your garden protects plants from high salinity, pests, molds, and transpiration in higher temperatures.  SI enhances the plant immunity mechanism by entering the plant cell walls. SI is essential to the leaf and stem strength and allowing the plant to hold up heavier fruits. High silicate content in plant tissue enables the leaves to be held erect which allows more light to penetrate to the lower level of the canopy. In order for this to occur the SI needs to be used continually. SI can also benefit and improve resistance to wilt in small plants or clones and seedlings. Studies have shown that when used in cloning and seedlings silicates help speed up the growth by as much as 80-90%.  When a plant is rich in silica they lose less moisture in hotter climates. In that case there is no need to spray anything other than SI.