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Humboldt ProZymE, qt

ProZyme is an enzymatic treatment for growing mediums. Enzymes are biological catalysts, derived from living organisms, and catalysts increase the speed of naturally occurring chemical reactions. ProZyme is a concentrate, made up of over 80 different beneficial enzymes. Humboldt Nutrients employs the foremost experts in horticultural enzymes to formulate ProZyme into a highly diverse blend of enzymatic compounds. The result is a rich, dark biological which will break down dead root mass, starches, and nutrients to make them readily available and useful to the plant. Competing enzyme concentrates are clear in appearance, indicating low enzymatic species count.

ProZyme is a natural biological key, carrying the elements necessary for plant health, and delivering them into the cell wall for maximum absorption. Organic and conventional nutrients can contain complex macromolecules which are harder for a plant to break down and absorb than smaller compounds.
ProZyme stimulates the “pre-digestion” of these complex molecules, allowing the plant to absorb and immediately use the nutrients. Since each enzyme has a specific role to play in catalyzing reactions, the diversity of enzymatic species in ProZyme can help your plant complete every task required to perform efficiently and rapidly. When using ProZyme as a catalyst for chemical reactions, the rate of reaction can be over 15 million times faster than if left un-catalyzed. Without proper enzymatic activity, absorption of nutrients is sluggish and incomplete.
Using Humboldt Nutrients ProZyme in addition to our nutrient feeding schedules will ensure that your plants maintain rapid and complete nutrient absorption.