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Humboldt Nutrients Hydro Deuce, 1gal

Humboldt Nutrients Hydro Deuce brings the power of the H.N. natural line to your hydro system. The high quality potassium used in our Deuce Deuce is now formulated in a lower viscosity (thickness), allowing this award winning formula to function without issue in your pumps and reservoirs.

Potassium is the great equalizer in plants, ensuring that numerous chemical interactions take place. Hydro Deuce has been crafted by the Humboldt Nutrients team using a specific ratio and grade of potash, which allows more complete absorption of potassium into your plants.

Try Humboldt Nutrients Hydro Deuce today and experience the best of both worlds. Humboldt Nutrients has finally put high performance hydroponics and all natural organics hand-in-hand.

Soluble Potash (K2O) 22.0

Guaranteed Analysis

Derived From: Sulfate of Potash


Category: Humboldt Nutrients

Type: Nutrients & Additives

Vendor: Humboldt Nutrients