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Humboldt Nutrients Honey Hydro Carbs

Humboldt Honey Hydro is an excellent sweetener for all gardens. It promotes and facilitates the growth of beneficial bacteria and fungi in your soil or soil-less media, and dramatically enhances the quality of any plant’s fruit.

Sugars are the fuel of the microscopic world, supplying the energy needed to drive biochemical systems. Our Humboldt Honey Hydro breaks down into the smallest possible sugars when dissolved in water, creating an easily accessible food for beneficial fungus, bacteria, and plants.

Humboldt Honey Hydro can increase your plants Brix levels (a measure of the sugar content of any given fruit or flower).

Sugars are beneficial in helping plants under stress maintain productive and vibrant. Fruiting is primarily driven by sugars. This energy is converted and read through the Brix levels.

A sweet, good taste and aroma are to be expected when you increase the Brix level in a crop.

Humboldt Honey Hydro will fortify your garden with energy, your fruit with flavor; and will allow your plants to correctly regulate vital internal and external processes as they continue to grow