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Growstone GS-1 Hydroponic 1.5 cf

Growstone Hydroponic Substrate - Particle Size: 1/2"

Growstone, LLC is proud to announce its new substrate engineered to meet the specific needs of the hydroponic community. See for yourself how our earth friendly, 97% recycled glass product, made in the USA can be used as an integral component in many hydroponic systems. Growstones™ are developed to provide the ideal ratio of water retention and aeration while at the same time being light-weight, disease free, and packaged in a 1.25 cubic foot recyclable paper bag. Make Growstones™ the perfect fit for your hydro system.

Growstones Give You

* Balanced ratio of air/moisture over time... For Healthy/Vigorous Plants
* Efficient absorption and release of water/nutrition... For Reduced Plant Care
* Optimum flexibility for different plant needs... For Consistent High Yield




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