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Grower's Secret Grow Big Refill 32 oz

Grow Big 5-2-1 concentrate comes in convenient refills that work with a hose-end sprayer. This powerful all-purpose fertilizer blends aromatic lavender oil with nutrient rich, sea-going fish emulsion to give your plants a quick boost. This bottle fits our convenient hose-end sprayer for the easiest, most efficient way to green up your yard and help your gardens grow big.


• Convenient refill for use with hose-end sprayer.
• Or mix with water and use as a root drench and with hydroponic systems.
• In 12 hours or less, see tired plants perk up.
• In a week, your plants will be greener with new growth.
• Suitable for organic gardening.



Category: Grower's Secret

Type: Nutrients & Additives

Vendor: Grower's Secret