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Gavita Pro 1000e 277/347 DE


Gavita’s roots are in horticultural projects, lighting climate rooms and greenhouses with tens of thousands of fixtures.
For commercial growers we combined the efficiency of 3 phase systems with the ease of control of the Gavita Master Controllers:
Introducing the 277 - 347 V e-series fixtures


Features & Benefits

  • 277-347 V solution for industrial 3 phase systems

  • Short ballast housing with the best thermal properties in the market assures long lifetime and very high reliability

  • Repeater Bus control solution for fast, easy, clean and reliable installation of hundreds of fixtures
  • Fixed solution for large, three phase powered installations, mounting brackets for C-profiles are available
  • Control range through Master Controller of 500-1150W lamp output enables flexibility in combining vegetative and flowering rooms
  • It enables advanced safety features such as dimming on high temperature and automatic shutdown at climate control failures,
    safeguarding your crop

  • The sunset feature of the Master Controller eases down the heat load of your lights at the end of the cycle, preventing sudden rises in relative humidity when the lights shut down