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Eliminator 1000 GPD RO System

The EliminatorTM 1000 GPD High-Production RO System with automatic flush produces up to 1000 gallons of high-purity RO water per day, with line a line pressure of 80 psi at 77°F. It includes a microprocessor-controlled automatic-membrane-flush for longer membrane life and a 1:1 pure-to-waste-water ratio.

  • Eliminates up to 99% of contaminants harmful to plant growth
  • No booster pump required if line pressure is greater than 40 psi
  • High-performance 1000 GPD 4" x 21" TFC RO membrane with stainless-steel housing
  • High-efficiency 10" big grey 1-micron sediment pre-filter
  • High-capacity 10" big grey 1-micron carbon block pre-filter eliminates chlorine, herbicides, and other contaminates
  • Liquid-filled pressure gauge for easy trouble-shooting and filter monitoring