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Co2Boost Bucket and Pump

Manufactured with the finest Co2 producing ingredients only found in the rich soils of Kennett Square, Pennsylvania, Co2Boost is the only all-natural and organic Co2 generator with a pump system that provides a direct distribution of Co2 to your plants.

Co2Boost requires minimal electricity and there is no daily maintenance required.

After activation, Co2Boost will provide fresh Co2 to your plants for up to three months. Once the bucket has expired, the all-natural Co2 producing ingredients inside the bucket can be re-used a high grade top soil fertilizer.

Powerful enough for spaces up to 10x10 and proven to increase yields 50%-75%, the Co2Boost Bucket and Pump is the only Co2 choice for the serious grower.


Type: Co2

Vendor: Co2Boost, LLC