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Eco-Spring Residential Drinking RO Filter

Pure spring water produced at home easily!

* Simple yearly replacement of main 4 stage cartridge and post filter no complicated replacement schedule for multiple filters.

* No mess, no spill maintenance due to sealed cartridges. No tools required!

Revolutionary Filter System

* 30% faster flow rate from included faucet.

* Fast tank refills ensures plenty of water on tap at all times.

* Compact footprint for tight spaces inside cabinetry. Innovative Reverse Osmosis membrane allows 40%+ savings in drain water.

* Remineralization post filter adds calcium for taste, health benefits, and to alkalize the product water.

* Single, 4 stage main cartridge to change instead of multiple cartridges.

* Help the environment - No more plastic bottles!

Includes: Compact Reverse Osmosis System, Faucet, Feed fitting, Drain saddle and Pre-plumbed tubing. Unit dimensions are 9.72"W x 13.75"D x 15.38"H and unit weight is 11 Ibs.