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Grow-Sil (Recycle Sill) Natural Silica 1 lb

Grow-Sil can be used as soil amendment at any stage of a plant's life cycle. Silica benefits include strengthening cell walls, protection from stress and fungal diseases, and improved uptake of necessary nutrients and minerals.

Grow-Sil Natural Silica is a 99.9% pure amorphous silica made from rice hulls. Grow-Sil is the highest purity biogenic silica available to growers today.  Many conventional silica/silicate products contain 4%-45% silica.

This product contains 99.9% pure silica, allowing growers to use 1/2 of the product they would normally need to use to achieve optimal results. The raw material source, rice hulls is sustainable. The traditional source for competing lower grade silica, diatoms, is not sustainable.

Grow-Sil is a pure natural silica product. Silica provides many benefits to plants. The main benefits for all types of plants are:

  • Strengthens cell walls
  • Improves uptake of important microbes, nutrients and water
  • Protects plants from fungal diseases
  • Creates a matrix for nutrients at the plant root
  • Promotes greener leaves and stronger stems to improve photosynthesis and increase yields
  • Protects plants from stress

Grow-Sil has unique qualities that make it the best choice for providing needed silica to all types of plants: indoor, outdoor, soil hydroponic

  • Biogenic 99.9% pure natural silica
  • The highest concentration on the market
  • Eco-friendly production process that is energy efficient and doesn’t create any toxic waste by products
  • Sourced from rice hulls thus reducing landfilling and field burning
  • Rice hulls are abundant. Rice hulls are also a sustainable source, unlike other sources such as sea diatoms.
  • Only half as much Grow-Sil is needed for great results
  • Many products on the market are on 45% silica. Grow-Sil is 99.9% pure silica and contain no fillers or additives
  • Very high porosity
  • No heavy metals
  • Exceptional flowability
  • A neutral pH of 7.0
Directions: Mix 1/8 to 1/4 tsp per Gallon of water