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Spectrum King Mother’s Lil’ Helper 100W LED Grow Light

  • A great light to keep your mother plants going strong also designed to work for veg
  • Replace your old T5 banks, CFLs and 250W CMH fixtures with these high efficiency LED grow lights built for closets, tents and smaller grows
  • You can have beautiful healthy plants with just 100 watts of power!
  • Rugged IP65 Rated water resistant housing is perfect for harsh environments.
  • Efficient heat sink minimizes radiant heat, which can be problematic in small tent environments.
  • Specially designed 90-degree reflectors spread light evenly to your plants.
  • Each light ships with a six-foot power cord, hanging clips and bracket for easy installation.
  • Safe for outdoor use

Collections: LED Lighting

Type: Fluorescents & LEDS

Vendor: Spectrum King