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Blumat 5-Pack Starter Kit

Get started using Blumats with our simple, low-cost Starter Kit. If you only have a few plants or you'd like to learn how Blumats work before converting over to a larger system, this kit is just right for you. This kit is made for a gravity-fed system (does not include fittings to attach to a hose bib or pressure system).

This Kit Includes:

  • 5 Blumat carrots (5")
  • 1 Thru-the-hull adapter for attaching to a reservoir (reservoir not included)
  • 1 3mm-to-8mm end piece
  • 7 meters of 8mm Blumat tubing

(See related products for a 5-Gallon Water Reservoir and optional Pressure Reducer, which are not included in this kit, but may be required to set up a complete and functioning system.)

Increase your yields and decrease grow times. Our fully-automatic, self-watering systems save time, water, and nutrients — and still ensure healthier, more potent, and faster-growing crops.

Our starter kits are perfect for landscapers and home gardeners. They're easily installed with a pair of scissors and connect directly to your hose, tap, or rain barrel with the help of the Pressure Reducer.

Includes five, 5” carrots and all parts required for a gravity-fed system. Reservoirs should be at least 3' above ground-level. An optional Pressure Regulator attached to garden hose or faucet can provide enough water for up to 500 Blumat Carrots. If your reservoir does not have a thru-hull installed, you will have to drill a hole into your reservoir bucket and install a thru-hull piece. For our customers' convenience, we also sell 5-gallon reservoirs with thru-hulls already installed.

The Tropf Blumat system is great for watering balcony boxes, planters, hanging baskets, and row crops. It fulfills the needs of the plants on an individual basis, regardless of their location, light levels, or plant type. Our systems save your plants from excessive and improper watering. The Tropf Blumat system remain suitable for plant groupings that require consistent moisture, such as vegetable gardens, bushes, flower beds, grow bags and greenhouse containers. Not only do your plants receive the right amount of water, slow and consistent dripping ensures that your plants receive warmed water, avoiding shock.

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