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CO2 Generator LP/HA 2,262-9,052 BTU - High Altitude

Safest and most reliable CO2 generators on the market.

The easiest way to accelerate plant growth. Carbon dioxide is one of the essential ingredients in green plant growth. The Autopilot CO2 Generator provides the carbon dioxide to meet maximum growing potential, and operates for only pennies a day.

Autopilot CO2 generators feature powder-coated steel enclosures that resist moisture, rust and discoloration - providing years of trouble-free operation.

Our two-stage safety pilot valve does not allow fuel to flow to the burner unless the pilot is lit, and will shut down the fuel supply in the event the unit falls or tips over. The solid state electronic ignition module creates a spark to light the burners. Autopilot CO2 generators are available in both propane and natural gas models.

Dual solenoid valves
Precision manufactured brass burners
Solid state electronic ignition module - no pilot light necessary
TIP OVER switch shuts off gas source if the unit falls or tips over
SHUT DOWN warning with LED error indicator light
Fabricated with all high quality components
Easy to operate

4 pre-mounted brass burners
Dual solenoid valves
12' gas hose and pressure regulator

3 spare brass plugs to decrease
CO2 production
Hanging hardware kit
24V power supply

Provides 11 cubic feet per hr of CO2
For spaces 14' x 14' and smaller

Use High Altitude model at 4500 ft or above

Collections: Co2 & Controllers

Type: Co2

Vendor: Autopilot